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What Are the Coolest Digital Education Tools for Kids in 2021

Jenny Many Editorial Team

As kids are living in a world dominated by technology, it is essential you learn how to use it to their advantage. These days, it is quite common for children to spend hours in front of devices with everything going digital.

However, the common problem that parents state about allowing kids to use smart devices is addiction. They know their little ones will spend hours looking at the screen, which does a lot more harm than good.

However, children these days are known as digital natives and have adequate knowledge about technology. However, rather than letting your little one spend hours on things which are not beneficial, why not make use of digital education tools?

They are a lot of fun to use and your kids get to learn something new in a more interactive manner. The beauty of technology is that it allows children to learn at a pace comfortable for them.

With the right involvement of digital education tools, you can make the learning process fun and engaging for kids. As a result, it will increase their desire and need to learn, which will help significantly in the long run. Given below are some of the coolest digital education tools for kids in 2021.

Cool Tools For Schools

As the name suggests, Cool Tools For Schools is an incredible digital tool which parents and teachers must use to make learning interesting. It is a collection of a variety of activities which focus on areas such as writing and vocabulary retention. The best part is that the design for each game is such that it makes the whole thing fun while being educational simultaneously.

When kids use these tools, they will completely forget that they are spending time learning, as it makes the experience immersive. If your child is young, he/she will love using everything on this platform, which is the best way to encourage him/her to learn.


Duolingo is one of the best apps available at the moment, which allows your kids to learn a myriad of languages for free. The developers of this application make sure that the learning process is addictive and fun by gamifying the entire experience.

Your kids will never find it overwhelming to learn a new language thanks to the bite-sized lessons. There is plenty of translation, listening, multiple choice, and speaking challenges to improve proficiency. Kids can see grades in every lesson which show how they can improve their skills. Available for both Android and iOS devices, make sure you download it today.


If your kid doesn’t like math classes, you should introduce him/her to GeoGebra, a software which helps people of all ages on this subject. It helps in learning statistics, algebra, geometry, calculus, and graphing.

The user interface is quite easy to use, ensuring your child won’t have any problem navigating through it. There is a tool for authors, which will help you teach your kid about math. It is available in a variety of languages, which makes it accessible to millions of people worldwide. Even when your child grows up, he/she can still continue to use this tool thanks to its myriad of advanced features.


One of the best ways to make learning fun and exciting for your child is to use Kahoot!. It is an app which allows you to create trivia quizzes and learning games within a couple of minutes. It is a learning platform, which gamifies the experience to improve engagement and retention levels. While creating the games, you can add diagrams, images, and videos to make the content interesting to children.

Kahoot! works best when a large number of children use it together, as it enhances the learning experience. If you don’t feel like creating a game, you have the option of choosing from millions of variants created by other users.

You only need a device which can connect to the internet to use this tool. You can use it to create games on a variety of topics while being flexible simultaneously. Students and teachers must use this app, as it is free.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the biggest digital education tools available at the moment. It is a non-profit organization which aims to provide outstanding education to people all over the world, for free.

The reason why it remains a popular tool among teachers, parents, and students is that they can personalize the learning process. It accelerates the ability of children to understand various topics. The library of Khan Academy is trustworthy, as experts spend hours creating it.

Khan Academy is helpful for teachers, who can use it to help their students. By identifying the shortcomings of various children, they can tailor the content as per their requirements. Khan Academy provides learning material for a variety of subjects.


Learning for tests and exams is never a fun process in the minds of children. However, you can change the way they approach these challenges with the help of Quizlet. It is a digital tool which anyone can use to create games and flashcards.

Students who use Quizlet are able to learn at a faster rate. As a result, their efforts start to reflect in their grades. Teachers can use this tool which allows them to motivate and engage students. They can create custom sets as per the learning material they want to use.

Quizlet aims to make learning a whole lot of fun since it is a straightforward process to share and create learning materials online. In the United States alone, over 50 million teachers and students use this digital tool, which is yet another testament of its effectiveness.

When it comes to education, technology is one of its biggest friends and can enhance the process of learning. Subjects which kids find challenging become easy, and they can visualize various concepts with the help of these digital tools. Even teachers can use it to make the learning process innovative, which helps children learn and develop at a faster rate!


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