Kids and Technology

The Positive Impact of Technology on Our Kids but Does it Mean that Parents Have Less Control?

Jenny Many Editorial Team

Society is very quick to judge that technology has had a negative impact on kids. It isn’t quite so. The progress and increased use of technology have benefited the lives of kids just as much. The problem arises from abuse really. Like with all things, there needs to be a line demarcated that separates the use of technology from its abuse. An excess of nothing is healthy. Take, for instance, the consumption of news. It is good to keep oneself updated about the on-going scenarios of the world. However, one must be careful not to overdo it as it may cause them to become extremely desensitized because of all the crime and violence that one gets exposed to in the process. It’s the same with reading – good for you when done in a healthy amount and equally bad if done for long hours without giving your eyes any rest. Now, of course you could always choose not to introduce any technology into your child’s life. But this would only serve to alienate them from their tech-crazy peers. One must learn how to balance both in order to derive the positives from technological use.

Benefits of Using Technology for Kids

It Provides an Avenue for Kids to Find Friendship

When your kid is comfortable with using social media apps and so on, they stand a greater chance at making a friend online than they would offline. These friendships can be formed the same way playground friendships are formed – by bonding on common likes and dislikes, except you find this out online. Staying in touch also becomes easier thanks to technology.

It Facilitates Imagination and Freedom of Expression 

If you make art, you can use modern tech tools to polish up your craft. You can then use this same art and spread it over your social media channels and ask for advice on how you can improve. Technology also enables learning. All you need to do is run a search on something you are curious about and voila!

It Empowers You

Knowledge is empowering, this is something that we all agree with. When such a vast resource of knowledge is available at our fingertips, we feel more independent and empowered.

It Improves Your Problem-Solving Skills as Well as Patience

Video games have a number of levels that you are expected to clear to get to the top. You can’t ethically skip through any of these levels and jump directly to the next. You have to hone your skills accordingly. Like with any sport, you have to keep training and hope one day you’ll triumph in your exercise. All the riddles and puzzles thrown at you also sharpen your problem-solving ability.

It is Encouraging Towards the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Maybe you wanted to get the word about your small business. The Internet is the best resource to tap into and just tweet/message over your hashtag spaces.

How Does Technology for Kids Affect Parental Control?

Parental control over kids can start to subside if it isn’t checked from time to time. The advent of technology and increasing usage of technology by children worldwide is astounding. Even toddlers today are aware of what these smart devices are, even going to the extent of being able to use them. Here are some reasons why it is often thought so.

Children No Longer Seek Out Help From the Adults Nearby

Before, if children had any queries, they’d seek them out and pester them with their endless questions. Now, the Internet answers all their clothes accurately, so they rely on the elderly less than previous generations did for information.

Parents Are Less allowed into Their Personal Space

Children now lead exciting online lives which they are loathed to share with nay-sayers like their family who don’t get it.

Technology Connection Signals Are Not Always Strong

What this means is that a poor signal will hamper long-distance connectivity.

Parents Have to Share Their Attention With Other Prospects

Be it listening to music on the headphone or simply reading a book on the Kindle – you need to have some commitment in stock that you put in store the other day.

Parents Can No Longer Control the Content Their Kids Are Exposed to

Yes, you can put in blocks against kids accessing content that's too sensitive for them. It won’t solve the problem. Technology is liberating. Only a few hours of needlessly trolling the internet and you will be familiar with what’s being talked about.

Technology, then, is equal parts beneficial and harmful. When used right, it can provide us with a wealth of in-depth knowledge and detailed information. However, when used wrongly, technology can usurp your child’s life. He/she may grow so hooked to technology that they may ignore their regular activities such as eating, bathing, sleeping and so on – their eyes glued to their devices. They may exhibit more interest in wasting time online than interacting with the people that are near them.

Finding a Balance Between Technology, Kids and Parents

Nobody wants their kids to grow up this way and so precautionary steps should be taken to prevent the same. Setting rules as to the duration of screen time allowed is a good way to curb overindulgence. While smart usage of devices sharpens your child’s clerical and motor skills, prolonged obsession can harm their eyesight. It is very important to maintain a balance.

Allow your child to read on their Kindle, but at the same time, introduce them to hardcover novels. Scouring information from the internet is certainly acceptable, but your child must also know how to use a Thesaurus. These are all important life-skills that need to be preserved and shouldn’t be overlooked. Whatever you do, do not completely prevent your child from using technology as it will not only leave them at a disadvantage when they enter the tech-driven job market later – it will also alienate them from their peer group.

Kids can have a positive interaction with technology as long as this interaction is moderated by their parents.


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