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Top 5 Inspirational Resources to Help Your Kids Stimulate Their Ambition

Jenny Many Editorial Team

Today, with advanced technology, there are many resources for kids to stimulate their ambition. At a young age, children will still be discovering their true talents and gifts. Children will not be sure about what they like and dislike, so they will need to try many different activities. As a parent, you will need to stimulate their growth when they are kids and constantly enable their curiosity with the world.

Five Resources to Inspire Your Child’s Growth

1. Educational Toys

Depending on your child's age, many educational toys are available for them. Flintobox is a new genre educational resource, which provides many different activities for children of ages 4 to 8 years old. Flintobox stimulates overall growth and education of the child, from learning how to brush their teeth to learning how to grow vegetables and fruits. Different boxes provide different educational activities. Children can learn numbers, how to drive a car and learn about outer space through Flintobox subscription.

The Magna Tiles which are magnetic building sets that focus on motor skills are also an excellent resource. Children can learn about maths and science through the Magna Tiles by learning how to build different shapes and sizes with the tiles.

To stimulate the natural born scientist in your child, Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit is a good option. It will boost their scientific knowledge by helping them understand the different kinds of chemicals present in the world. There are many educational toys to choose from, and you could try out different educational toys to ignite your child’s natural inquisitiveness.

2. Puzzles

Puzzles are an excellent way for kids to learn new things. You could buy jigsaw puzzles or buy a puzzle book at your local bookstore. It is challenging and fun to learn. Your kids might learn new things rapidly by doing many puzzles such as alphabet puzzles, crosswords, brain teasers, and secret codes. Puzzles are not only good for brain growth but also enable children's learning skills. Your child's memory, logical and problem-solving skills will also improve.

Puzzles are an excellent way for your kid to get better at math problems indirectly. Conducting puzzles as a group activity will boost your child's self-confidence and help them understand the complex issues of the world. Jigsaw puzzles are known to stimulate the mind by keeping the child active and alert. Buying a Rubik’s Cube is also a great idea, as it is common for children to solve the puzzle in the cube for hours. There are many benefits to introducing puzzles to your child.

3. Online Resources for Kids

There are many online resources for kids from coloring to playing games. There are also resources for home-schooling which can be used to learn at home. Jumpstart is an excellent online website, which provides many activities for children of all ages. You could print out worksheets from Jumpstart to allow your kid to explore the various creative activities that are offered. Inspire My Kids is also another online website which provides fun activities for kids. Language learning resources are also available on many websites online. There are many free worksheets and printable exercises available as well. A simple Google search can get you those online resources for your child.

There are also online apps that you can download for your kid. Lingo kids and Duolingo are reputed language learning apps that your kids can use to learn language skills. Google classroom is an app, similar to, Edmodo and ClassDojo that provides a virtual classroom environment. Online resources can go a long way in stimulating your kid’s ambition if the apps are used regularly.

4. Comic Books

One of the best ways a kid learns how to read is by looking at pictures with words. A comic book has both pictures and words, enabling your child to understand various concepts. Comic books enhance communication skills, creativity, and language skills. Comic books are story books that provide stimulation and creates interest in children. The most popular comic books are Archie Comics, Marvel Adventures, and Disney Comics. For early readers, Tiny Titans would be a good comic book to introduce.

Because comic books have more images than text, children will understand the text by looking at the picture. If your child is struggling to read books, giving them comic books will help broaden their vocabulary. Comic books will also increase your child’s confidence in reading and deducing stories. There are many different genres in comic books, such as, sci-fi and comedy, which your child can choose from. Hagar the Horrible is a great comedy comic. Reading comic books will also be different from your child's regular school activities and will provide them with some leisure.

5. Drawing Pads and Paint Brushes

Introducing your kid to artistic endeavors is important. From scientists to architects, many professionals are efficient at drawing skills. Your child does not have to be a painter to enjoy art and drawing. Research has shown that drawing is one of the best methods that children develop fine motor skills. Drawing also improves concentration, problem-solving and hand-eye coordination. It would be beneficial to have a few hours set aside for your kid to draw, and more so if they have a drawing activity with their school friends. Your child will be exposed to many shapes and sizes in the world that they will not be able to grasp immediately. If they can express these thoughts through drawing, it will help them understand the concepts better.

Introduce your kid to paint at a young age. While they draw, they can also paint what they have drawn. Painting is not a natural skill, and the more your child paints, the more proficient they will become at using a paint brush. You can start by intruding crayons and color pencils, but many kids enjoy using actual paints. It could be messy, but it will be worth it if your kid enjoys painting as a hobby.


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